Purposely written "incorrectly"!

Yes, the title is correct. It was purposely written incorrectly.

About Your Knot Alone


Yes, the title has been purposely written incorrectly. 

I have, I do and I will continue to journey through life making some incorrect choices, decissions and typos in the book of my life. 

What I have come to discover is that no matter what incorrect typo, decission or choice I make, God (or whatever someone wants to call their Higher Power), accepts me as I am. 

He took, takes and continues to use each and every incorrect and faulty way and turns them into beautiful expressions of compassion, empathy, comfort, acceptance and love towards others.

Because God knew the me behind the mask and the why's behind the who I became, He continually reached out to me lovingly by bringing those who would radiate Him through them. Those that did not judge, pressure, convict or condemn me. Those who lent an ear, a hand, a heart and an eye to see through and behind my mask. 

As my heart softened, my eyes, and ears opened up to those who were like me. As I looked at my ways, I understood others and started to see the people behind the mask and the why's they were the way they were.

The song "Do Something" by Matthew West, caught my attention and heart with the following lyrics:

 “God, why don’t You do something?” He said, “I did, yeah, I created you” 

With God, I am choosing to Do Something. I choose to see those as God seen me. Loved, Adored, Accepted, Wanted not needed, Appreciated and heard. I choose to send encouragement, hope, strength, peace and love through the prayers I write.

I am not religious, or of a denomination. I am a spiritual being having a human being experience. Knowing that the human being experience can be lonely without someone willing to lend a hand.  

The KNOT in Your Knot Alone, is God, You and I being woven together as one. You're Not Alone.

My faith


I do not put my faith in any person, place or thing. My faith and belief is in God. (Others may call it what they may). While I am in practice of growing my faith, each day my goal is to get to know God a little bit more and a little bit better. How I achieve that is doing things for others a little bit more and a little bit better than the day before. Through that practice, I get to see God in action through, in and around others.

Prayer for You!


Father God, I lift up the person reading this right now. Father You know all that this person has been through, is going through and will go through. Father I lift them up to You and ask that You wrap Your Arms around them and squeeze comfort, love and peace through them. Father what ever they may be going through, I ask that You whisper a reminder of how You have gone before them and are for them. No matter what is coming against them, it will all be worked out for their good and the good of others.  Father may You pour Your rest and calm upon them. Father remind them that just as all times in the past have been worked through, You will have them work through this time too. You have not, are not and will not ever leave them alone. They are Your most precious unique and divinely made child.  Father i give Thanks for what You have done, are doing and will do for them. I give Thanks for guiding, keeping, protecting and loving them in just the way they need.  Bless them with an experience of You. I Thank You for hearing this prayer and ALL prayers for them. 


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* You were made to fulfill a purpose only YOU could do. There can never be a more beautiful YOU.

* ** Perfection does not exist. Practice only makes improvement!!

* ** One shift, can make a change for the better.... God is nowhere. God is now here!! 

* ** You are "Essential" not "accidental"! You are Beloved.